Youth Baseball Pitching Drills: “Towel Drill”

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Youth Baseball Pitching Drills: “Towel Drill”

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  1. great video!

  2. hey please comment on my pitching video on my channel i want some advice to
    see where i am at thanks

  3. I believe so…When the arm gets more extension (whip action) the speed of
    the hand is increased through out the release point. Also, I have seen
    players tap into the major muscle groups of their body i.e. back and legs
    when doing this drill that they ordinarily did not use as much.

  4. same

  5. thanks for that drill >.> Im going to try it out tmrw

  6. how many reps/sets for an 11 year old? thanks, Murph

  7. 13 year old??

  8. If you are looking for a drill to emphasize “hip explosion” and “leg
    kick”…I have a great one that I will demonstrate and post soon. Look for
    the “Bucket Drill”. Thanks!

  9. everyone listen to this guy, no idea who he is, but he knows his stuff…we
    call that “stack and track” here where i live, no idea why…adds 5-10mph
    pure velocity though

  10. nice

  11. thanks, good tip, i tried to make the varsity baseball team this year as a
    freshmen but i couldnt pitch the ball good enough, ill definetly have to
    try this!

  12. does this really help velocity?

  13. Thank you i started doing this drill last yr. and my pitcher increased
    their speed from 8-mph to 20-mph i had one kid who was all arm and he was
    throwing 58 mph but was follow through..well after breaking him down and
    doing the towel drill his pitching is sick he is now 13 years old and his
    fast-ball is at 79 to 80 mph consistent and he is a lefty Thanks for the


  15. I usually have my pitchers do between 15 and 20 reps as a part of their
    warm up routine.

  16. The towel drill is an awesome drill, I’ve been doing it since my freshman
    year in high school. One thing that I’ve been told though is to have
    whatever your hitting(here, a bucket) should be about at your eye level or
    a little lower when your in the “power position” keep up the good work!

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