Youth Baseball Drills: Throw with Crow Hop

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Youth Baseball Drills: Throw with Crow Hop

Youth Baseball Drills: Throw with Crow Hop

PlaySportsTV presents former major leaguer and current Princeton Univ. head coach Scott Bradley with a gre…


  1. lame as hell

  2. i though a crow hop was when you were on base taking a lead lol…

  3. @Sessyome3 thats how exactly your supposed to do it. it reduces so much
    stress on your elbow and shoulder.

  4. Lamo me is pitcher and second baseman one season and 430 catches

  5. yeah thats outfield. And that’s usually when a runner is threatening to
    take an extra base and you wanna gun him out. infield is different.

  6. i think they should empasise takign a step or two towards their target
    after teh throw to help develop accuracy and velocity.

  7. This is a crow hop. When I played the outfield I didn’t take a huge step
    with my front foot, I just did a normal step. I think this is a crow hop,
    just not what is generally assumed to be a crow hop. Like he said all a
    crow hop is is the footwork from catching to throwing. Outfielders just
    have bigger crow hops than infielders, for obvious reasons.

  8. this is not a crow hop…this is more of a “skateboard drill”

  9. crow hop is for out fielders

  10. Pedroia’s speed to the ball can be attributed to his taking advantage of
    some trainable physical movements: 1) move towards the hitter prior to
    pitch 2) begin your hop before bat strikes ball 3) time your hop to be at
    ‘top of hop’ at ball contact 4) read the direction before hitting the
    ground 5) Load your offside leg before landing 6) Explode that loaded leg
    just before landing, 6) Practice, practice, practice with the Pre-Pitch
    Coach at Sports-Split-Step

  11. plzzzzzzzz uplode dis video


  13. A good drill I was taught… Was to use a juniors baseball bag or something
    roughly the same size and crow hop over that! It forces you not to be lazy
    with it and to really allows every bit of ur body weight to be used in ur
    momentum! Of course u don’t always have a massive crow hop some situation
    just calls for a quick release. But it is a drill makes the fielder put in
    a decent crow hop.

  14. thats not really a crow hop! it just looks like they’re stepping!!

  15. its jusst a small crow hop. the crow hop was meant for outfielders but its
    still a good drill regardless

  16. hiiii how crow hop in cricket

  17. Not a bad video. I have found this one to be the best around… The
    Ultimate Game Changer: 3-dvd SET (Basic, Advanced & Team Drills

  18. thats how i do it too

  19. @Sessyome3 simply the difference between infield nd outfield crow-hop

  20. the video here is the original crow hop, what you do is the modernized
    mechanics version of it, which works, but theres multiple ways to do it. Im
    ambidextrous and when i throw with my left i do it like they do in the
    video cause its most comfortable, when i throw with my right i do it like
    you do.

  21. @Sessyome3 well no duhh if yur a lefty of course it is gonna be different
    from the right handers. just because it is different from your way (lefty)
    doesn’t mean it is not right

  22. Crow hop is left, right, right hop then throw..only outfield

  23. @Sessyome3 yeah, this is more of a quick throw-in for a short-ranged
    put-out or just getting the ball in the infield… it will not give you
    what a true crow hop will give you…

  24. lol why would an infielder ever need to crow hop. The technique should be
    more of a shuffle…

  25. This isnt relaly a crow hop, When i crow hop in the outfield i field the
    ball on the left side by my left knee and then hop up and push off with my
    right foot, after the ball has left my hand im almost falling over from
    putting all my body into it.

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