Youth Baseball Coaching – Outfielding Drill

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Youth Baseball Coaching – Outfielding Drill – This baseball fielding drill will help young players react to a fly ball in the outfield. Focus on starting in an athleti…
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  1. Very helpful?

  2. very use full

  3. all baseball teams should watch this video very good job making the video

  4. FANTASTIC video! Good coaches do, in fact, win championships for their

  5. Good key points, but if a player is rocking back and forth and is rocking
    against where he needs to run to, the player loses valuable by readjusting
    his momentum before he runs. A better way would be to creep just as
    infielders do.

  6. I think you need to rock a bit in the outfield, but yes, very slight

  7. @nickglad74

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