Train Your Pitchers With These Softball Pitching Drills

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Train Your Pitchers With These Softball Pitching Drills

Train Your Pitchers With These Softball Pitching Drills

When you look at a softball game closely, you’ll realize how important the role of the pitcher is in your game. Although your good batters score for your team, your pitcher needs to balance that by preventing the other team from scoring.

That’s why it’s also important that you constantly drive your pitchers to do better. The more accurate and varied their pitches are, the more difficult it will be for opposing batters to hit the ball. So here are some softball pitching drills that will help improve your pitcher’s skills.

Football Toss

This drill’s purpose is to teach or develop your pitcher’s correct ball-rise release.

To do the football toss, you let your pitcher throw a mid-sized ball to a partner. In throwing the ball, the pitcher should place her fingers along the seams and the thumb on the opposite side. The ball should spin when thrown at the catcher. If it wobbles, it means that the pitcher threw it with the palm facing her partner.

Wrist Snapping Drill

An excellent drill for developing wrist snap, it does its job by isolating the wrist throughout the exercise.

This is done by partners facing each other and around 10 ft. apart. If right handed, the pitcher should bend the right knee and kneel on the left knee. The pitching arm is fixed on the leg while holding the ball under the knee. She then flips the ball into the air to her partner who catches it and does the same.

Fielding Bunts

One of the most critical situations for pitchers is when a batter bunts a ball. That’s because the bunted ball is most likely to fall in the pitcher’s proximity.

To train for these situations, position your pitcher on the mound and a player on the 1st or 2nd base or both.

Then toss the ball towards the mound to simulate a bunt. The pitcher should then throw the ball to the first base. Let the pitcher return to the mound and repeat the drill.

In doing this drill, also remind your pitcher to set her feet towards the base where she’s most likely to throw the ball.

Throwing to Bases

Since she is situated in the middle of the field, the pitcher should also practice throwing the ball to bases.

In this drill, the pitcher should be accompanied by players on every base and a hitter. The hitter fungos the ball to the pitcher who then practices throwing the ball at every base. This should be done at least 10 times for each base including the home plate.

There you have it, different drills to help train your pitchers. That should be enough to keep you and your pitchers busy for the next few weeks. Make sure you repeat these drills over and over until your pitchers perfect them.

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