SabreCat Custom Made Wood Bats

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Note From The Coach:

( I have made special arrangements to make available for my visitors a customized composite wood youth bat at a very special price. That pricing will be made available through a special discount program. )

SabreCat Bat Co. was established in 2009, in a garage in Louisville, OH. In the short time since then, SabreCat Bat Co. has grown into an organization that is becoming the wood bat of choice among players of all levels.
Quality is the key to our bats. Top quality wood, state of the art CNC machinery, a competitive price point, and over 30 years of experience in the world of baseball is what separates SabreCat Bats from the rest.
Sabre Cat Bats offers:

– 10 Professional Models

– Youth and Transitional Bat Models

– Training Bats

– Fungo Bats (33,34,35,36 in.)

– Wide Variety of Team Colors

– Ability to Customize Any Bat Model

– Personal Engraving (Players name, team name and logos)

– Team Pricing

– Fundraising Opportunities

– Trophy & Award Bats

Why Wood?

1. Less expensive than aluminum
2. If you can hit with wood you can hit with aluminum
3. Many hitters are beginning to train with a wood bat instead of metal.
4. They are beginning to show great improvement especially in their bat speed
5. Most hitting instructors prefer to train with wood.
6. Wood bats have a smaller sweet spot.
7. Using a wood bat makes players concentrate on pitch location and proper hitting technique.
8. Wood bats are not as forgiving as metal bats.
9. Weight differential
10. Youth players are swinging -7 to -11 oz metal bats up to age 13. At that point they are expected to transition to a -3 oz bat.
11. Training with a wood bat early in playing career makes the transition to the players next progression easier and more successful.

Why Composite Wood?

1. All of the above
2. Perfect for kids because it has much longer durability.