Tips for hitting power baseball

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Tips for hitting power baseball

Tips for hitting power baseball

Play baseball is one of the hardest subject in all of sports. Hitting a  baseball  harder to do it consistently, and equally as difficult to hit with power. Every hitter wants to have the ability to hit doubles, triples, and home runs but often times they don’t know how to make it happen. These are a few baseball power hitting tips and will help you hit the baseball further and more consistent.

Some players are naturally stronger than others but that doesn’t mean they can hit the baseball further. The #1 thing that controls how far a player hits the baseball is their swing speed. Studies have shown that a ball thrown 5 mph harder will only cause you to hit the baseball 5 ft further. On the other side: an increase of bat speed by 5 mph will cause the baseball the travel 25 ft further. This shows that if you want to become a baseball power hitter you must focus on increasing your bat speed!

There are a few ways you can dramatically increase your bat speed which will help you hit with more power. General weight training can be effective but for optimal results you want your training to be similar to the movement you are trying to improve, your swing!

The first area I would focus on is the core. To generate bat speed you have to have a solid foundation, a lot of which is credited to the core. Rotational movement should be as efficient as possible and you can improve this by doing medicine ball exercises. Again, keep the baseball swing in mind with every exercise that you do.

Once you have built a solid core and have a good foundation it is important to do some swing training. Find a bat that is around 10-20% heavier than your normal bat and take some dry swings. Wooden bats are usually the best for this. Focus on dry swings only and work hard to make a good swing each time. Around 100 dry swings a day is a good number to start. Do this about 4 times per week.

These are just a few baseball power hitting tips that will help you get to the next level.

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