Third Base Fielding Drill With Ryan Roberts

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Third Base Fielding Drill With Ryan Roberts

Third baseman Ryan Roberts of the Arizona Diamondbacks provides step-by-step instruction for properly fielding a ground ball in the infield and making an acc…
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  1. No freaking joke he is my uncle I even have a picture of me with him ?

  2. he s the man he would make a good coach too!?

  3. 1:00?

  4. Cool.

  5. <323@..-mmmmmmmmmmmmmm

  6. My man Ryan is on the rays now.

  7. I’m playing my first ever game as third basemen tomorrow (I’m a 1st basemen
    , always been). That’s a short video , but that helped me a lot.

  8. nice! he went to my high school, and ive played catch with him. cool dude!
    always rooting for him

  9. Helped alot I play 3rd for 13u baseball I needed tips

  10. So smooth

  11. thank you so much… i wish this guy was my coach!!!!

  12. Thx tat man. AZ fans miss u. Wish u the best.

  13. Good stuff .thanks…

  14. Voice sounds like he’s crying

  15. you cant catch ground balls on your heels.

  16. .-

  17. hey, an instruction video from someone who actually knows what they’re doing

  18. <322@

  19. Great video

  20. si hablaran en español es mucho mejor

  21. What glove is he using

  22. Quisiera un entrenador Así con tanta tranquilidad y perseverancia?

  23. Si hablaran en español aprendo mucho más?

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