The Most Overlooked Part of “Baseball Hitting” for little league youth baseball players

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The Most Overlooked Part of “Baseball Hitting” for little league youth baseball players Presents Connor Powers who brings you “baseball hitting” drills that will instantly increase your “baseball hitting” skills eve…
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  1. Again..NOTHING! Just Conner showing us how well HE can hit off the tee! ?

  2. I did this drill in my house. Can you put up a tutorial on how to fix your

  3. cool?

  4. my favorite one?

  5. The Most Overlooked Part of Baseball Hitting for little league youth
    baseball players?

  6. Lara old songs

  7. Conner do you have any drills that focus on using your lower body instead
    of your arms.Ive got really quick hands and I’m hitting 650 but I can’t
    seem to drive the ball with power.

  8. Ahh I chopped that part off! Haha oops! Beginners Version = regular/walking
    base and Advanced Version = Shuffling. Thanks for your comment!

  9. Nice thanks

  10. This drill is no problem for me, cause I already throw the bat strait back
    at the pitcher!

  11. I have a series coming up about turning ground balls and weak fly balls
    into line drives… stay tuned!

  12. connor i have been doing your drills with my 11 year old little girl and
    her softball swing is killing the ball rbi’s and her first homerun the
    other day thanks bro keep up the good work i plan to video her doing this
    stuff at the park and you tubing back to you thanks

  13. connor is this to be done with a shuffle or just with a regular base

  14. hey Connor, how do I get over the fear of being hit by a pitch?

  15. Hey Connor do have any drills for keeping your front shoulder from flying
    out? I have pretty quick hands but i often fly open way to soon which
    results in topping the ball over/ weak ground ball, do have any advice?

  16. Yes conor is back!!!

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