Stay Back On The Curveball “youth baseball hitting drills”

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Stay Back On The Curveball “youth baseball hitting drills”

Stay Back On The Curveball – Free Bat Speed Workout Here Here’s an awesome “youth baseball hitting drill” you can use to teach pla…
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  1. Question. Wouldn’t it be better for the batter to not know ahead of time
    which pitch was coming? Of course it would be immediately obvious in this
    drill due to the pitcher’s arm being either overhand or underhand. I
    really like the drill though.?

  2. Great video?

  3. I’m going to start using this drill.?

  4. I think I’ve improved on staying back?

  5. Good timing C-Pow! I’ve been having some timing problems off slow pitching.?

  6. Great Drill You Can Use to Stay Back! Like, Comment, and SHARE!?

  7. That last hit you did was nice haha!?

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