Stabilization Drills – Baseball Hitting Instruction

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Stabilization Drills – Baseball Hitting Instruction

Joe Francisco, former baseball player in the Atlanta Braves organization and Head Performance Specialist at Performance Factory Baseball, in Long Island NY, …


  1. Coach I love all your videos so informative and easy to follow. I like to
    ask is there any drills to really help a kid when struggling with a
    curve-ball? I understand about keeping the weight back and being patient
    but, is there specific drills that really work to help a high school
    player? I see tons of vids here that really never explain that completely
    and any help from you would be greatly appreciated. Or vids that you would
    recommend? I just want my son to be the best he can be Thank you.

  2. Great Drill !!!

  3. joe- really enjoyed this video… I’m also am a hitting instructor, and
    what I like about this video is your emphasis on the extention aspect after
    contact. I agree that that part of the swing is not work with enough.
    Everybody is always worried about the load and finish (very important) but
    being short to the ball and getting that extention through it is a huge
    part of creating a powerful swing. thanks for the video

  4. wish we had facilities like that in australia

  5. Thanks for sharing these tips.. Definitely is helpful..

  6. been playing college ball for 2 years and minor league right now and i just
    learned something new. thanks guys

  7. hes smokin the ball with one hand!

  8. This is probably the best drill I’ve seen demonstrated. There are so many
    out there. This one looks advanced, but seems very effective. thanks.

  9. This guy knows his stuff.

  10. I like the fact he uses wrist to put snap on the finish VERSUS pulling the

  11. Great information and technique Thanks for the info.

  12. I was practicing on the last drill in this video -Brian

  13. He really doesn’t

  14. how much do you think this guy benchpress ? he crushing the freakin ball

  15. This is an excellent video. I’m teaching my younger brother to swing better
    with these drills. He was very focused on pitching so much that he
    completely ignored his hitting and has been in a slump for like a month and
    a half. He is just about 8-years-old but takes the game very serious. Just
    started at baseball heaven this summer.

  16. Great Drills, Thank you.

  17. this is goo help but i want to do 1 on 1 training with you guys. wish i

  18. Great Video!!!

  19. Nice vid guys sounds like u really knoe ur stuff

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