Secret “Hands Inside The Ball” Baseball Hitting Drill

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Secret “Hands Inside The Ball” Baseball Hitting Drill In this video Connor Powers covers the one of his drills from his hot selling hitting system, The Dead Red Hitting System. ( ht…


  1. Signed up and got nothing…..?

  2. This great stuff. trying to get back into hitting shape 61 years old
    playing in an naba league in sacramento,ca even though I was a good hitter
    when i was young i was not doing this stuff right.?

  3. This is the problem with coaches today. Everyone is an expert and has some
    “secret” method to better hitting. I say screw that and all these stupid
    methods. All you have to do is practice, and get the bat head out early to
    hit the inside pitch. There is one method that works. See ball hit ball.
    That is it. Coaches these days clog players minds and make them worry too
    much about mechanics and whether they do this right or that right. Screw
    that. If you can hit you can hit, and I don’t care how you do it. Ruth,
    Mantle, Mays, Dimaggio, Cobb, etc. would laugh at this and tell you to just
    hit the damn ball. ?

  4. Why does it matter if you are strong when your bat is touching your
    shoulder? It should be strong when your bat is in the actual hitting zone.
    Bad video.?

  5. Can I use this in slow pitch softball??

  6. Hey Connor, I actually do this in every single one of my swings. But, my
    coach HATES this swing that I have, because I keep “locking my back arm up”
    and hitting infield popups in batting practice, and in game…. Any

  7. I feel powerful with information… muh haha?

  8. Most bad hitters stand too far from the plate. If you are closer, this
    swing comes naturally.?

  9. works great?

  10. great stuff as always?

  11. what about taking the knob to the ball? If you are having it tight to your
    arm and the knob is straight to the picture how can you be sure to swing
    the bat to the ball??

  12. Great drill! ?

  13. This is a great drill, and im not the biggest advocate of drills, but this
    makes very applicable sense, esp for young players.. Im a big fan of both
    Epstein, as well, Justin Stone. But, you make very logical points in your
    videos. As you know, most swings break down somewhere between the point of
    heel plant, and approach. And the way you suggest to make your point at
    approach, you refer to as , “shaft to shoulder.” I work with my kids
    between those two points trying to get them to not cast their hands. And
    that is what you are doing in this video. Good job, my friend. It’s really
    interesting that the angle of the elbows at, load, are the same at contact.?

  14. good stuff?

  15. very very useful i’m a player on a traveling baseball team and this helped
    me alot?

  16. Im going to try this this weekend?

  17. Secret “Hands Inside The Ball” Baseball Hitting Drill?

  18. What is that video with the 3 baseball in front of tee called?

  19. Hey Connor, this was a great drill for bringing hands to the ball and
    increasing bat speed. I’m going to use it in my practices. My one small
    critique would be to break down your vernacular so that younger players can
    understand what you mean. It took me a second when you started talking
    about “getting on plane,” and I’m pretty familiar with baseball jargon.
    Again, great drill, and good video.?

  20. Ok when trying to use more lower body are you pushing off with your back
    leg ?

  21. Is it really necessary to stay inside the ball??

  22. goid drill?

  23. excellant video !!?

  24. This is new stuff to me. I’m diggin it.?

  25. does this drill actually assist the power that the hitter has to the
    opposite field?

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