Pitching Warm Up – Shoulders & Elbows

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Pitching Warm Up – Shoulders & Elbows

These are just a few examples of unique pitching exercises that can be done. There are many more out there and I will bring them to my members as they get published.

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A great warm up routine for pitchers AND position players to loosen up shoulders and elbows.



  1. Is there an age minimum for this workout? Will these warm ups do any harm
    to 10-12 year olds??

  2. Now this is warm-up. I don’t play baseball, I actually do calisthenics
    (chin-ups, pull-ups, etc.) and this seems perfect to warm-up in addition to
    my warm-up.?

  3. This is a great stretching routine wish I had it when I pitched but it will
    only help if the pitcher has proper pitching mechanics. I have to watch it
    about 100 times to remember it . None the less awesome routine .?

  4. Baseball players are always the worst looking “athletes” I’ve ever seen?

  5. very good stuff but a little slower would be nice, thanks?

  6. This is actually an amazing warm up, not only for throwing but also for
    working out as well where the use of elbows is crucial. Thank you for the

  7. Awesome!! Work all these muscles to ensure comprehensive development and
    safety / longevity!! So many young pitchers fail to do this and go straight
    for velocity!! Velocity second! Longevity first!!

  8. this is great thanks so much

  9. Really helps. Thanks!

  10. Omg this helps a lot I hurt my shoulder pitchin n I thinks it because of to
    much junk n not warmed up good , again this helps alottt

  11. I really enjoyed his video. This helps me to avoid injuring my self while
    pitching with no warm ups. Thank you, whoever made this video. This makes
    my pitching alot easier!

  12. at 39 sec he looks like a dinosaur

  13. Very Good!

  14. @morog666 why? 🙂

  15. only takes 6 mins! You got that much time, yeah? 🙂

  16. amazing!

  17. Thank you so much!!! I have been following pitching warmup routines for a
    long time. This is awesome.

  18. Dang all this to warm up lol. I do everything you did at 5-5:59 but the
    rest of routine is stretch my arms up above my head holding my hands
    together. Then the same behind my back where I move my body a little to the
    left and right so I can stretch my elbows. After that, I extend my arms out
    like a ” T ” then cross them and do that for about 5 times. So much info 🙂

  19. dude this warm up is gona take me hours ima be all warmed up then the game
    will be done lol nice video

  20. You see, they should put these type of videos/people on ESPN and MLB TV
    because they are trying to help people, and they know ball.

  21. this realy burns.

  22. Wish I had known about these exercises before I hurt my shoulder. I am
    working to rebuild my labrum without surgery and these exercises are
    fantastic – I am completely asymptomatic when I do them.

  23. Thanks i will use these

  24. wow this feels so good when you do it. Thanks for posting this,

  25. feel the burn?

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