Pitching Towel Drill Tom House

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Pitching Towel Drill Tom House

Although this instruction is what I like to refer to as “next level” it does have good information for young kids to see.[pwal id=”75255928″ description=”To see the full content of this article, please like and share by clicking one of the buttons below”]



  1. Flip flop with Brian lol?

  2. Pitching Towel Drill Tom House

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  4. He’s actually right, but Tom House has altered this drill slightly since
    then. The towel drill is now done with the target held right at about
    shoulder height.

  5. Looks like the characters from the “Credit Score” commercial…

  6. wow

  7. you ever hear about a soft fastball?

  8. Yes I actually have, not sure how that correlates to what we are talking
    about, sense heaviness in a fastball is caused by downhill plane, amount of
    backspin, and sink.

  9. Really good drill.

  10. One thing this teaches is keep your eye on your target the whole time. Some
    pitchers Go in these crazy windups and there eyes and head are all over the
    place. I cant stress enouph to my boys that this is essential. This really
    helped, thanks!

  11. this is terrible

  12. if he releases the ball there, it only looks faster to the batter, how
    would you know that Mr. Pitching coach. idiot, what have you done in
    baseball? warmed up the bench for the 6’2 guy hitting the ball 400′? dumb

  13. You can tell by watching this that with the first player his release point
    with the towel would not be where he would relase the ball. If he released
    a ball where it appears the towel would be released the ball would hit in
    front of the plate by a few feet.

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