Pitching – stride length drills

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Pitching – stride length drills

http://www.myosource.com/baseball/. Rob Jackson, General Manager for Mac-N Setiz Baseball and Softball. This segment is on the stride and pitching motion. ba…
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  1. some good stuff here!! i like the drills!

  2. actually the mlb average isnt 80% its about 90% and the ahrdest throwers
    like tim linceeum, aroldis chapman,and nolan ryan all had stride lenths
    between 120-130% of there body height… sounds crazy right

  3. stride should be 100% not 85 90,

  4. @Booberry82 I agree w you that his stride is about 105%. Lincecum doesn’t
    crow-hop. Look at his videos in slow motion and you’ll see his toe of his
    right foot is against the rubber as his left foot is touching the ground.
    That 6″ you’re talking about is due to the toe, not side of foot as last
    thing to have contact with the rubber.

  5. @SimpleStuff31 but average in MLB is 80%

  6. @Booberry82 I know what you’re saying…If you search for a slow motion vid
    of his you’ll see what I’m talking about.

  7. I think I read that Lincecum is around 105%. He gets extra becaseu his back
    foot actually comes off the rubber by about 6 inches. his is a tiny little
    crowhop. 6′ for a 72″ (6′) player is an extra 8% or so. this vid is
    fantastic and what I am going to use to reinforce lessons for my advanced
    little league pitchers. I tell them the same things but if they see it on
    the net, it much be right. Dont you just love ’em?

  8. @99Silverado53 I dont mean a true crow hop, he just has his foot off th4
    rubber when he is releasing the ball. I am not making this up, I read it in
    a Sports Illustrated article that analyzed his pitching. It showed a
    picture of what I am saying and made a big point of it.

  9. Thanks for the video my man!

  10. @davelee8125 yea, but injurys today are more frequent than when pitchers
    really strided fast and far like they used to.

  11. @oostoneroo Don’t believe what you read…no man can stride 120%+ percent
    of there height given they’re a proportional human being. A 6″ male from
    tip of there toe to hip flexor is generally around 3 1/2 feet. Given that,
    a 72″ male would be striding 7.5ft (125% stride)…that would be full
    splits toe to toe and some!! Like mentioned…105% is actuality.

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