Pitching Made Simple | Pitching Drills

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Pitching Made Simple | Pitching Drills

Pitching Made Simple | Pitching Drills

It is the ambition of many boys to become a professional baseball player. For some of them the greatest achievement would be as a pitcher for a major league team. Of course life doesn’t always turn out the way we want it, and for most of us the dream remains a dream.

For a few, however, the dream can become reality. One such boy was called Chris Tierney. All Chris ever wanted to do was be a pitcher. Unfortunately he wasn’t very good at it. He could hold is own at hitting, but pitching was where his heart lay.

During his school years he tried every training resource he could think of to help him improve his pitching. But to no avail.

Eventually, this boy decided to do something about it himself. He made videos of baseball games on TV. He then analysed all the great pitchers to see if he could detect some common methods or mechanics that his current training wasn’t giving him.

He discovered that the pitching drills he was being told to use by traditional coaching programs didn’t help him to copy how the big league pitchers actually went about their job.

So Chris devised his own pitching drills. These were pitching drills that helped him replicate how the pros pitched. The results were immediate, and almost sensational! In a matter of months Chris’s fastball went from the mid 70’s all the way up to 85mph. At this time he was still only a 15 year old high school sophomore.

From being just another schoolboy pitcher, Chris Tierney developed into a really bright prospect. Chris was given a scholarship to a top school, and became a 7th round draft pick by the Kansas City Royals after his senior year of high school and he has been a professional baseball player for over ten years.

What Chris did by going against all the rules and creating his own pitching drills and training methods was to make his own dream come true.

Chris’s pitching drills are available in his training program called Pitching Made Simple.

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Brian McGregor is an author and entrepreneur who has a son who could become the best pitcher ever – or not!