Pitching Drills for young baseball players

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Pitching Drills for young baseball players

Jeff Grybish, Buffalo Grove, IL HIgh School head coach demonstrates effective pitching drills for training young pitchers, emphasizing strength, balance and …
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  1. it was huge drill?

  2. your toes has to be pointing toward to target

  3. Name some of those MLB pitchers. Hiroki Kuroda is one of the few who does,
    but I can tell you a hundred who don’t come to a balance point. Verlander
    and Lincecum come to mind. Neither did Seaver, Spahn, Ford, Gibson, Koufax,
    Ryan, Clemens, Randy Johnson… And, what does an image show you? An image
    is static. You need to look at video so you can see movement. Nearly every
    MLB pitcher will have moved his hip forward at least a few inches by the
    top of his leg lift.

  4. helps thanks

  5. For really good balance stand on one leg, tilt your head up and close your
    eyes. It develops body awareness and overall balance 🙂

  6. this makes sense. Going to try this Thank you.

  7. cool coach!!!!!!! neat!! congrats!

  8. this is wrong ur feet are straight up in the air keep r feet slanted toward
    theg round

  9. @PapayaBoy, You can buy what Tom House and the rest of these guys are
    selling, or you can just listen to what the big leaguers themselves say.
    Just because you don’t see an actual static pause, doesn’t mean the pitcher
    wasn’t consciously getting to a balance point. Mariano Rivera says get
    balanced, look at the best they all do it. John Smoltz, Glavine, Halladay,
    Sabathia, Papplebon, etc You don’t just get balanced it is a load, this
    isn’t teen camp, you load to throw gas.

  10. Proper pitching mechanics demand that the the {hips} must {first} {lead
    the way} from the rubber as the stride foot knee {calmly} {approaches} it’s
    peak at the belly button with no unnecessary stopping to gain balance,
    virtually every pitcher from the major leagues on down starts out backwards
    with the stride foot first leading the hips. And as far as what major
    league pitching coaches teach, they do not teach how the body should
    function throughout it’s movement. Don Ervin dfervin32@yahoo.com

  11. i have the cochs shoes 🙂

  12. You are correct! Drills such as these could very easily destroy pitchers
    that already have good energy and momentum into their leg lift.

  13. kk Thanks for the feedback…

  14. I am an allstar and pitch

  15. 6yr old Florida Tball star hits ball 180ft! possible he may clear 200 by
    the end of the season at only the age of 6!!! (Jacob Kendall tball homerun)

  16. the problem is when you “skim the water” you have a back leg disconnect and
    your pelvis is never involved in throwing the baseball….

  17. i have the coachs shoes 🙂

  18. If you say Balance is a myth or wrong you couldn’t be father from the
    truth. I played 6 years of pro ball and every MLB team teaches balance at
    some point. Go to Google images and put any pitcher you want in and you
    will see at some point they get to a good balance no matter if they go fast
    or slow. People are hurting kids by saying things you dont know about.

  19. cool …video………


  21. Hey guys I just wanted some peoples opinion…I am a pitcher 12 years old
    and my average fastball is 65-70 mph, is that good for my age?

  22. @Don, Topvelocity looked like an infomercial, typical of the new age
    pitching “guru’s that want to try to re-invent the wheel. Getting to a
    balance point is necessary because the natural tendency of a pitcher is to
    speed up and go too fast and JUMP at home plate. In reality pitching
    mechanics need to be compact and efficient, and most importantly
    repeatable. Most good pitchers get to a great balance point. Mariano Rivera
    has great mechanics, why don’t you go study up a little?

  23. Thats actually great dude… My fastball is around 70-75 and im in high

  24. im an all star in my town elite team town of 57,000 and only 12 kids make
    it and this is a good pitching video so listen to it

  25. Jeff’s video clip above is a perfect example of leading the hips with the
    stride foot, when doing so the hips and body just remain there doing
    nothing until it has to follow along behind the stride foot, then at stride
    foot touch, plant down there goes the arm {OUCH} with no body support
    behind it, the very reason for the enormous amount of chronic sore
    arms,elbow and shoulder surgeries within every level of baseball from the
    majors on down. Study up folks. Don Ervin dfervin32@yahoo.com

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