Pitching Drill – The Sock Drill

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Pitching Drill – The Sock Drill

This drill was created in 1999-2000 season after one of my ace pitchers came back from break 3 weeks behind everyone else because he couldn’t get his throwin…


  1. Pitching Drill – The Sock Drill
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  2. Go tigers!?

  3. No wonder they suck at baseball?

  4. GAY?

  5. thanks man this is great

  6. @creese….the tape should only be tight enough so the sock doesn’t come
    off the hand. If you are losing circulation, it is definitely too tight.
    Tape it on with the same tension you would wear a watch. Hope this helps.

  7. @eastonCathcer the drill is not to replace bullpens of throwing to a
    partner., it is to give those that cannot do either and need to get it in.
    Make sure you leave 4-6 inches of excess for ball to travel to inside. Make
    sure you also utilize an adult tube sock. Lastly make sure you don’t type
    sentences with it on. 🙂 That last part is a joke.

  8. well thats just not true no one wants to catch for you cause you always hit
    someone 😛

  9. Hi im 14 and throw around 264 mph fastball. Yaa i would totally like to
    thank you.

  10. i am a 13 year old pitcher, i throw about 70 on the big mound – 72 mph. I
    will really like it if you told me the exact way on how to do this drill
    thank you

  11. Mother fucking brilliant!!!!!!!!!!

  12. holy shit bro i went out in 20 degree weather to warm up my pitching an i
    was shit since i was so numb this is a great idea thanks.

  13. Pretty friggin’ smart idea.

  14. im also 14! but my fastball is actually 265mph and my curve is 180mph. but
    i couldnt have done it without the sock drill!!!

  15. is that an extra long sock??? I wanna try this but I dont have socks that
    long did it stretch like that?

  16. I would have a hard time throwing normal with the feel of that sock.

  17. Great stuff Coach. I loved your presentation at the ABCA also.

  18. Lets go METS!

  19. This is awesome!!!

  20. Yes! I’ve been looking for a way to throw in the house by myself.

  21. Completel genius. Thank you so much!

  22. Wow….thank you so much!

  23. why are you doing this?

  24. This is a fantastic idea! I play softball in and live in a small town
    without a facility to pitch in. This will be great for when the streets get
    iced over or we get snowed in! Thank you!

  25. this is great, i will finally be able to throw. no one wants to catch me
    because they say i throw too hard lol

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