Pitching Drill – Knee Drill for Pitchers

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Pitching Drill – Knee Drill for Pitchers

Pitching Drill - Knee Drill for Pitchers

On http://ClubHouseGAS.com , University of Georgia Pitching Coach, Brady Wiederhold demonstrates the knee drill. Also check-out http://YouthSportTravel.com.
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  1. That’s so wrong, if you turn the ball towards second base it puts so much
    stress on your elbow and shoulder..The ball should be turned towards third
    base as a right hand pitcher and first base as a lefty..?

  2. To be honest, out of 9 minutes of talking I think this coach spoke for
    about 30 seconds about something worth a poop. He yapped on and on about
    practically nothing. Get to the point already. Jeez.

  3. what did he say?


  5. Unfortunately, getting on top of the ball as this coach demonstrates
    increases the risk of elbow problems. That is why 95% of major leaguers get
    on the side of the ball (show the ball to 3B).

  6. I think I would stick to the advice of a college pitching coach rather then
    listening to a comment from an unidentified stranger from the internet.
    This coach know what he is talking about.

  7. i show the ball to third base, but i will check a slow mo of a pro and see
    what they do to confirm this

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