Outfield Baseball Drills

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Outfield Baseball Drills

Visit http://www.BaseballTutorials.com for more baseball coaching videos. In this edition, we share outfield baseball drills to help with field movement.


  1. @erikmunoz55 Hey sorry about that, it was probably one of my friends, i
    dont do that online, since it is completely pointless. I deleted them.

  2. ha. what a dumbass, this shit is like tee-ball. ha, your “First step is
    always back” this guy sucks.

  3. @RMTProduktionz hes a mlb first basemen

  4. thats some good coaching right there!!!

  5. First move is not always back. You would be piss if the ball fell a foot in
    front of you because your first step was back. It really should just be
    reaction. If in doubt maybe take a step back.

  6. what if it’s a high grounder or a bad hop?

  7. Hopefully, I’ll remember all this on the field cause it looks hard!

  8. well instead of taiking shit why dont you show everyone how its done make a
    video major leaguer!!!!

  9. Nice tips bro, easy to follow.

  10. nope not for me

  11. Hmmm…notice the first baseman glove he’s wearing. So we got a 1B talking
    about outfield drills….

  12. Lesson #1……Use the right glove………

  13. no you are wrong you have to track the ball if yu are alwayz takin a step
    back it takes longer to get the ball which means he is safe

  14. Your using a 1st basemen MIT

  15. haha, damn youuuuuu

  16. @Pain113 So, do you play outfield? If you do then you would know that your
    first step is always back. And I play outfield and 1st. I got a 1st
    baseman’s mitt, and I only use it to play 1st or catch, other than that, I
    use my other glove to play outfield.

  17. First move is “not” always back….first move is determining where that
    ball is gonna be landing and then u make your 2nd move which is either
    back, forward or to either side…duh. And just because he has a first
    basemans glove on means nothing.

  18. This dumb ass is using a first basemen glove

  19. amazing how many MyCoachOnline knock offs are poping up!

  20. Coach do we as outfielders use a first baseman’s glove?

  21. this is all completely wrong. if the ball is hit to your glove side your
    first step should be with the opposite foot. a crossover step like when
    youre stealing a base.

  22. To marlinman…you obviously never played baseball at an advanced
    level…telling outfielders to always take their first step back is for
    little leaguers who are just learning the game. Watch major league baseball
    and you will see outfielders do NOT always take their first step back. At
    higher levels players get better at reading the ball off the bat and do not
    always need to take their first step back. Do not start blasting people and
    calling them idiots when you don’t know what you are talkin

  23. Damn it lay off of pain113……I know that if I got a first baseman’s MIT
    I would not be able to afford a second MIT. And you can use a fist
    baseman’s MIT in the outfield….u can use a catchers MIT if you want to
    but it is just easier to use an outfielders MIT……so stop being such
    dicks to the guy

  24. irrelevant

  25. this is retarted

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