“Opposite Field” Drills: 3 Biggest Mistakes Hitters Make in Baseball Hitting

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“Opposite Field” Drills: 3 Biggest Mistakes Hitters Make in Baseball Hitting

In this video Connor Powers talks about the 3 Biggest Mistakes that “baseball hitters” make in “baseball hitting” when they are trying to learn how to hit to…
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  1. How about hitting the ball a little deeper? I am sure it was just a mistake
    on your part. If not you can add that to the list and change the name to
    “Opposite Field” Drills: The 4 Biggest Mistakes Hitters Make in Baseball ?

  2. Helpful?

  3. Don’t Make These 3 Mistakes in “Opposite Field” Hitting in Baseball Hitting?

  4. I make these mistakes a lot?

  5. helped me a lot?

  6. very common mustakes ?

  7. Sub me i love baseball my favorite team are the SanFran giants

  8. Connor, your videos are great and something i’m looking forward to all the
    time.. I would love to see you teaching us how to make full use of our
    legs,hips or basically the core while hitting. Like go through the proper
    form and etc. And i would also love to see you showing us the best
    workouts/routines that benefit us as a baseball player while hitting the
    weights room.

  9. connor can we work the oppo hitting by soft tossing and using the three
    balls lined diagonally in front of the plate

  10. Great video

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