Mount Union Baseball Drills Video

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Mount Union Baseball Drills Video

Infielder break down drills from Mount Union College’s baseball team. Made for Ryan Schmidt’s Senior Project. A 321 Production. We. Drop. Bombs.
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  1. nice

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  3. Great drills….. You should check out this ball ( ) it would
    make your drills even more challenging.

  4. batista music lol

  5. which my baseball field had doors :/

  6. great video… dont really agree with the soft hands drill.. i think u
    catching a ball the way they did only comes from bad footwork which i know
    they arent pro but idont think it should be tought like that.. i think
    maybe grounders bare handed with throwing hand behind ur back with a soft
    ball is a good drill imo. just an opnion not saying ur wrong

  7. Good stuff!

  8. Good drills. Always looking for some additional drills for practice.
    Learned great techniques from our local athletic center.

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