Most 4 Basic Running Drills

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Most 4 Basic Running Drills

Most 4 Basic Running Drills
You should check drills every some short period when you are feeling fresh, once a week is better, this is to make sure you will be more concentrate on the sport you are doing.
At the beginning, you may start two repeats of each drill in one session and form your own style, then do that four times each drill and to run longer distance. But the most important thing you must concern is that to be relaxed and let yourself feel pleasant. To be too nervous or not relax will waste much more energy and do hard to body. Good effects will be brought to you gradually.
Warming Up and Stretching
You should not start the running drills with no enough and properly warm up activities. The drills are a kind of sport that will make your best running performance, so warm up at least 15 minutes with common practices to warm up thoroughly.
Make sure your calves and hamstrings are adequate stimulated. Please keep in mind that practice with injuries will damage your body parts and never good for your health. Carry out the practice only when you are ok and feel good.
Better performance will get if do the drills on soft surface, such as plastic track, the natural grass may be the best.
DRILL 1 – High Knee Running
Drills are finally make you stride longer and improve knee lift when you pick up the pace.
First jogging at slow speed, when you feel more comfortable and freer, make the speed faster to get most steps in a short time, the distance may need only 20m. If you would not like do that, high knee action is ok for you. The most important to make the high knee running is make sure the gesture is right, that is, knee will be in front of you and your waist is positive. The number of steps is more important, not the speed. All this step is to help you feel freer for the drill.
DRILL 2 – Bum Kick
The purpose of drill is to increase stride frequency and improve knee lift when you are going for the pace. Bum Kicks is somehow the same with high knee running, but this is more focus on hamstrings.
Start it somehow like the high knee running, and slowly make the jogging faster. Your heel must hit bum effectively. Keep this for about 20m.
DRILL 3 – Pull Throughs
By this drill, you may get your leg in right position to make your stride more powerful, to strength the stride length.
This is different with the two drills that mentioned ahead, it need to put legs touched the ground powerfully. This can be done by putting gravity center. Drive up toes when foot arrive the ground surface, do the same posture with another leg for at least 12 times.
DRILL 4 – Bounding
This bounding does really can improve legs strength and power, in this way make stride length longer.
Start it with slow jog – bounding ahead and upwards with high knee lift. Continue it with another leg. But with doing that, you would have to keep good form, keep head up and drive with arms, this can combine whole body together.

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