“It Wasn’t Bill Buckner’s Fault” Baseball Myths & Facts SULLY BASEBALL September 29, 2011

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“It Wasn’t Bill Buckner’s Fault” Baseball Myths & Facts SULLY BASEBALL September 29, 2011

If you think that Bill Buckner lost the 1986 World Series…and Abner Doubleday invented baseball…and players used to not put money first…then guess what…
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  1. @bjcruise Thanks. Spread the good word

  2. @BallparkEGuides Selig was denying that there was any steroid use and had
    no testing in place. If Canseco didn’t write that book, the steroid era
    would still be going on. And what did Canseco write that turned out to be
    wrong? Has Canseco been found guilty of collusion? Selig has.

  3. @bjcruise That’s the classic “If Zeus didn’t throw the lightning bolt, then
    who did” argument. Some attribute it to Alexander Cartwright but baseball,
    like most things in the universe, evolved over time and was descended from
    rounders and town ball in the 1830s. But there are references to a baseball
    like game in Lewis & Clark’s journals long before. And 18th century
    references as well. There probably wasn’t a single inventer.

  4. I have argued just this about Billy Buck since that game in 1986. When
    manager John McNamara put Schiraldi in in Game 7 I threw my shoes at the TV
    set, long before I knew the significance of that act in the Arab world…

    AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! fml

  6. This dude is pretty cool.

  7. Great video! I give it a very enthusiastic thumbs up! Well done.

  8. Spread the word

  9. LOVE watching ur vids sully!

  10. @BallparkEGuides Canseco told the truth and Selig was an owner found guilty
    of collusion. Which one is more honest?

  11. I don’t know about trusting Jose Canseco over Bud Selig, but another great
    video Sully.

  12. Another great video.

  13. Thanks for the feedback, Sully. I’ll have to do some research on that. By
    the way, really enjoy your videos, keep up the good work!!

  14. @TheAncienRegime thanks spread the word

  15. @sullybaseball Well I’m not gonna make a big deal out of it, I get your
    point, but Canseco came out with blockbuster book only when no team wanted
    him anymore. He was pretty quiet about all of the juicing before that.
    Kinda like Pete Rose admitting something he was denying for years…they
    both wanted to sell books.

  16. Spread the word

  17. Will do

  18. if Abner Doubleday didnt invent baseball, who did?

  19. Now can someone please explain to St. Louis Cardinal fans that the blown
    call at first base is not what cost them the 1985 World Series to the

  20. @hippieshatewater Thanks Check out the other ones

  21. @freenachos Guess what? That’s in part 3! Denkinger did NOT cost the
    Cardinals the 1985 World Series Pete Rose did NOT end Ray Fosse’s carer Lou
    Gehrig did NOT start his streak because Wally Pipp had a headache Free
    Agency did NOT lead to big market teams winning the World Series every year

  22. @sullybaseball I will be reposting that on FaceBook!

  23. @soontoberedsock And some people can go to a natural history museum and
    still say “Evolution is a myth.” That’s because some people are stupid. And
    anyone who blames Buckner for the 1986 World Series is a feces smearing

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