Infield Warm-up Drills

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Infield Warm-up Drills

This is a series of infield warm-up drills which are performed daily before taking a single ground ball off the bat. The short hops will help work on quick h…
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  1. it’s very good.?

  2. great drills…really like that they can be done in any space small gym
    hallway parking lot?

  3. Nice routine?

  4. there really are seven people who didn’t like this? what are they, cricket
    players or soccer players??

  5. why are they so flat footed?

  6. That kid doing the figure 8 drills has talent. Very smooth skills.

  7. This video is a tip to those who need informing help. If you’re looking for
    something Agility. There are other videos for that. Personally, I wouldn’t
    watch a video of a dynamic warm-up a static stretch, and then other
    essential workouts just to know about infield drills. The video is to the
    point regardless of school record. You probably gave them a good video idea
    for footwork. Or they might already have one…you tube shit talker.

  8. I would really like to know why 12 people thought this video was good. I
    get that it is a warm-up but really? 1) I would rather my infielders
    warm-up their feet. 2) the angle of the balls thrown are not what a player
    would get in a game 3) Michael, the ball handling, someone needs to explain
    that one to me too. I just hope it isnt someone trying to outthinking the
    game. This whole posting is starting to get fun, I cant believe these
    college guys post this stuff.

  9. the ball handling drill works on transitioning the ball out of the mitt.
    Practicing this helps with relays and double play base. Its all about not
    closing your mitt and popping the ball into your hand for quick

  10. cant believe you bother to criticize it

  11. Warm up theri feet? DO you mean as in putting an extra pair of socks on?
    You are acting as if this is the ONLY warm up they do. Angles,
    schmangles….good grief, nitpick why don’t you? You can knock on almost
    eveyr single drill there is with the “that’s not game like” claim. Take the
    short hop drill, are you suggesting they try and throw the short hop from
    100 feet away? If they did you would criticize how it impacted their game

  12. Now they just need to dunk the ball

  13. Ball handling.

  14. what does the ball handling help with?

  15. Really? Maybe the guy who posted this is your brother.

  16. First of all Michael, maybe you are right- they shouldnt be doing any
    drills that are not game related! What a concept… Secondly, I just
    checked this team’s record it is 7-20, they need help. If anyone from the
    university wants to hire me as an outside consultant, I am on youtube you
    can reach me.

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