Infield Instruction and Drills

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Infield Instruction and Drills

Youth baseball coaches can use these infield drills and techniques to teach players the correct athletic position and receive the baseball. Want to learn mor…


  1. “This is not optimum unless you have to go to the bathroom.” LOL So true! I
    also appreciate the comment about not having to have your elbow way up when
    hitting. I had my son in a program like this one and the instructor
    suggested that, and there was like an insurrection by half of the fathers
    there. For me, it was a learning experience. I trust the pros like you guys
    over limited, albeit well-meaning, dads.?

  2. awesome video. ?

  3. Thanks For the videos im a 17 year old manager for a little league team.
    this video helped recrelect some drills! thanks?

  4. these guys should keep their information off the internet. Not GOOD.?

  5. and guys, the being bent down is a great position. you are enabling your
    muscles and keep them active so that you are prepared to move. if you go
    from a relaxed position or even a sideways position, you lose balance and
    force to the ground when needed to move. i can see why some complain. it
    is a tough position to stay in. that’s why baseball requires muscle. so
    its understandable if a kid complains. don’t worry about them. +DNA Sports ?

  6. “Kids revert back to what’s most comfortable for them” so true. My son is
    7yrs playing shortstop and this video has helped him greatly. Thanks guys?

  7. Ready position sounds simple but is very important part of fielding. being
    balanced and ready to go in any direction sets a good foundation to build

  8. Thanks for the help!?

  9. Fact of the matter is, as coaches we get everything we teach from other
    sources, so I don’t quite understand your point. In terms of Dave’s age, he
    is what he is. He is also a 5 time coach of the year award winner -hard to
    argue with that.

  10. Could our demonstrators have done a better job staying lower as they
    released the baseball? Absolutely, but they are kids, still learning, still
    developing the lower body strength to stay low as they cross over their
    feet and fire the ball across the diamond.

  11. While I am impressed with your attention to detail, the amount of force
    applied has little to do with whether someone uses two fingers, three
    fingers, or a closed fist. One can easily apply more pressure to the body
    using two fingers instead of a fist because the force to push someone over
    doesn’t derive from the fingers, but rather in the shoulder and arm muscles
    instead. Those are the muscles applying force, not the fingers, so it
    really doesn’t matter how that force is applied.

  12. Sandwich or Gator: I teach Gator hand because if the ball takes a bad hop,
    their throwing hand is already in a good position to knock it down. If they
    have their hand to the side the ball could still hop their glove and go
    between their legs or hit them. Just found these videos a week or so ago
    and I love them all. Thanks for posting.

  13. When doing the side to side drills, I was always taught to take a 45 degree
    angle to the ball so that you had time to field the ball correctly. And you
    just taugh going RIGHT to the right or left side.

  14. Thanks for the feedback Hamilton. Feel free to check out out our
    website/Facebook page for more videos and coaching videos. Please keep us
    posted on your team’s progress – if you have any specific coaching
    questions, feel free to reach out to us directly.

  15. Keeping this also on a simple level, I was under the impression, with the
    high school kids in the video, you were teaching this to high school kids
    as well.

  16. Thanks for your feedback and glad you are enjoying our videos. I agree with
    your analysis of using the gator technique. I have found however that some
    kids place their opposite hand too high, almost in front of their face,
    thus impeding their vision. With that said, that is an easy problem to fix.
    Best of luck to you!

  17. All wrong

  18. That glove was perfectly worked in, it’s a high end wilson pro-stock model
    that is meant to be stiff and not floppy like a cheap oiled glove.

  19. “Head down” while fielding a ground ball is a horrible teaching cue. Eyes
    are supposed to be “under the ball”

  20. I just need advice on how to play shortstop becuase I have a all star game

  21. I totally agree with the drills these players are performing, however, I
    disagree with what was said about the glove being as loose like your hand,
    I believe your glove should be somewhere stiff because if it is too floppy
    the ball can just pop out and I do play a high level of baseball

  22. Why is it that amateur baseball coaches like yourself still insist on
    comparing their youth players to fully developed, physically mature
    professional athletes. I don’t get it. That’s like a youth basketball coach
    showing pictures/videos of Derrick Rose taking a jump shot, and teaching
    their players to copy his release point. Can’t be done, because the youth
    athlete lacks the strength to release the basketball high above their head
    as the pro player can.

  23. There are very few youth league players (this includes high school players
    as well) who have the lower body strength to explode from the squat
    position that Derek Jeter starts from. Most adults couldn’t effectively
    explode out of that position either, unless they hit the weights as hard as
    Jeter does. In terms of your spring training comment, this was a film from
    a youth clinic, who put all their players through a pre-season training
    session they called ‘Spring Training’

  24. Coach, good information here. I run the same type of drill with no glove;
    however I have the kids use an oven mitt, it gives them the feeling of a
    glove; but they can’t scoop like they could with a glove; and eliminates
    the chance for them to just scoop it with two hands like you state.

  25. With that said, we don’t see amateur basketball coaches saying that the
    jump shot form of a 12 year old is wrong because they release the ball near
    their chin, rather than high above their head. Of course we don’t hear this
    – it would be ridiculous to make that claim. Same can be said about your
    claim, wanting to get an amateur youth player in the same, squat position
    that Derek Jeter starts in. Jeter is a grown man, who has a fully
    developed, explosive lower body.

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