Game Winning Baseball And Softball Hitting Drills

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Game Winning Baseball And Softball Hitting Drills

See on how to start using this technique… This video will demonstrate a powerfully effective and very unique batting tool that uses ba…


  1. They would probably hit it and hit it further if they keep there head in

  2. I am a Mom of a 10 year old and this bat has helped my boy become a great
    hitter. This thing works and he loves to hit with this device. Thank you
    Coach for helping my son.

  3. This is a great drill, I am coaching this springs 4th & 5th grade softball
    team and will absolutely use this drill. Thanks Mr Baseball!!!

  4. lol i went to your baseball camp =]

  5. My 14-year-old son was struggling last season, so I decided to see what I
    could find to help him out. I purchased a Lightning Stick and Mister
    Baseball’s video as well and before we knew it, he was crushing the ball!
    Thank you so much, Mister Baseball!

  6. We worked on batting with my son this year and he’s the best player on his
    team now.

  7. How do u find all the balls lol

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