Extreme Baseball Infield Drills-Major League Fundamentals

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Extreme Baseball Infield Drills-Major League Fundamentals

Visit extremebaseball.org for more free baseball videos. In this segment players perform infield drills to help fielding techniques, lateral movement, turnin…


  1. wait. why am i watching a fielding video on a team that seems to always
    have the bats but never either the pitching or defense O_o?

  2. Why are they throwing side ways…? and fielding with 1 hand instead of

  3. Quelques exercices de fielding avec les Texas Rangers?

  4. These guys look weird ahaha?

  5. great video?

  6. This to work on to get better!?

  7. i do the same drills?

  8. That’s what up I am a Texas Rangers fan and I live here in Texas
    #RangersNation ?

  9. I do most of these drills for high school baseball.?

  10. What brought you to this video anyway if all you’re gonna do is criticize
    baseball players,I mean this is a baseball video.

  11. this is a realy good infield drills thums up

  12. Are these the spring training fields in Surprise AZ?

  13. Makes me miss practice when I played in Florida, I had a blast doing these
    drills all day in HS. Being a good fielder is all about repetition, once
    you stop thinking about what your doing is when you’re doing it right.

  14. Get the fuck off YT …bitch

  15. same

  16. the idea is to get in a routine.

  17. itd be amazing for wiffle ball haha

  18. alright… thanks EVERYONE REALLY CARES ABOUT THAT lol

  19. That hop is simulating a runner sliding into you. My high school baseball
    team does that as well. First time i tried it my freshman year it felt
    wierd cuz nobody was sliding into you but it simulates the runner so in the
    game you won’t be taken out.

  20. your right i would have to get fatter

  21. his foot was next to it touching …

  22. So is your mom.

  23. Don’t listen to that other guy I think you’re website is on point. Keep
    doing what your doing.

  24. Who are they ?

  25. he was practicing avoiding a spike.

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