Extreme Baseball Hitting and Agilities Drills- Develop power

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Extreme Baseball Hitting and Agilities Drills- Develop power

Visit extremebaseball.org for more free baseball videos. In this segment stength coaches take players through a workout to develop speed, quickness, foot wor…


  1. @Southpaw31507v and do you think i care about boxing/ fighting? i didnt say
    baseball was an extreme sport btw… and where is your proof sayin all of
    those sports are harder than baseball?? i got sports science on my side
    sayin hitting a baseball is the hardest thing to do.

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  3. @pinoybro09 lol dont call me bro…and i bet you don’t have the
    coordonation to duck and weave around punches and kicks, and to place a
    roundhouse kick anywhere you want…. I practice full-contact fighting, and
    you PLAY baseball…i would much rather have the coordonation to defend
    myself on the street than to be able to catch and throw a little ball
    around.stop tricking yourself into thinking baseball is some badass
    sport..ok, it’s a game and thats fine, but dont try and say it’s extreme lol

  4. @Southpaw31507v il fucl you up with a good ole american ass whoopin

  5. @futurehallofamer you do know that football,basketball,and baseball are the
    most popular sports in America because they are the LEAST challenging…and
    dont even compare boxing to those crappy sports.boxing,kickboxing,muay
    thai,all of those sports take the most skill and endurance of ANY sport and
    thats a fact.and no u dont have to be skinny to be in shape,but u cant be
    fat and be in shape..and im not an idiot enough to judge how in shape you
    are on youtube when i dont even know what u look like

  6. @Studner10 haha you talk alot of shit on youtube huh?little punk. Don’t
    take my word for it. Facts are facts. Go look em up instead of talking
    shit. “I can do this, I can do this, i can do that..” just shutup man. If
    you wana argue scientific proof that baseball doesn’t take that much skill
    as compared to other sports, be my guest.BTW u just dissed boxing so don’t
    contradict yourself. lol you wouldnt last two mins in a full-contact
    sparring session punk.

  7. @Southpaw31507v link didnt open.. but basically everything you jus put is
    about track… most of that is to get one self into better physical shape..
    it goes for every sport

  8. the people in this video want it as bad as they want to breath as Eric
    Thomas would say

  9. @Studner10 oh, one more thing…most baseball pros have beer guts…just

  10. @futurehallofamer because baseball is a pussy game…it’s Americas most
    popular sport…and you do know that America is one of the fatest countries
    in the world…i mean,this country is amazing,but theyre sports just lack
    so much physical endurance its so sad lol

  11. inspiring!! i wanna go workout now

  12. how old are these kids

  13. not a bad video after I found the mute button.

  14. lol extreme?baseball should NEVER be together with extreme.fatasses.

  15. Yes i mean it. before I started eating right it didn’t matter how much I
    exercised my abs were still jello. Listen to this I heard that most of the
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  16. @Southpaw31507v didnt i say the hardest thing to do in sports is to hit a
    ball?? looked at your little link and baseball/softball hand-eye
    coordination is 9.25 while boxin was a 7 so basically everythin you were
    tryin to prove was wrong.. boxing/ fighting is more overall demandin for
    all of those skill but mostly baseball is hand-eye coordination and

  17. good drills

  18. @Southpaw31507v did you know most baseball players have the quickest hands
    and reaction times? so obviously you dont play baseball.. because it takes
    quick hands and a strong core to turn on a 95 mph inside fastball and/or
    turning a double play you need quick hands and termendous hand-eye
    coordination.. baseball is the hardest sport and its the only sport were
    you fail 3 out of 10 times which makes baseball a unique sport.. if you
    think baseball has no skill you are retarded..

  19. u guys are fucking legit i hope nuthing but the best for all of you im
    gonna have to steal some of these drills haha…

  20. 2:04 Elbow trouble.

  21. @smveric lol baseball is a true sport for fatasses…good luck having sex
    with a giant beer gut in ur way.

  22. Dang, It made wanna sign up! LOL

  23. on a serious note, if you want strength bands for the leg agility drills
    google Lynx Barbell.

  24. @Southpaw31507v haters gonna hate …….. virgin

  25. U guys are in need of a true baseball trainer u dont teach to catch or to
    field with your throwing hand you still use glove hand and correct glove
    hand foot work ive been teaching kids for years and you shouldnt teach what
    you dont know especially about the game of baseball.Get professional help
    to over see real projects.Your incompatance could destroy a kid for life
    its a certain you havent a clue what professional scouts look for………
    again seek help…..IM AVAILABLE…….

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