Common Hitting Flaws & Drills

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Common Hitting Flaws & Drills

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  1. First off im a righty, so my problem is my front shoulder always goes up as
    I’m swinging and it feels impossible to change it, help ?

  2. Nice presentation – would love to debate some of the techniques discussed,
    in particular the “hands take knob down toward ball” portion. Solid info,
    nonetheless. Thanks for posting.?

  3. Ok first of all this coach is off. When you stride it isn’t just for
    loading the weight it is timing and i bet both of these wanna be “athletes”
    probably never got taught from a pro. You try to hit off of live pitching
    because i bet you cat hit… one thing i do agree with you is being short
    to the ball but how are u gonna hit a inside pitch or hit a fastball when
    your dragging the bat behind, and dont say you have to swing different for
    inside pitches because you should be consistent. You can see pros slow mo
    swing that the knob looks like its coming first but they dont just whip the
    bat because you ave no power and at their point of contact there top arm is
    forming a L?

  4. 8:50 Important?

  5. This video makes sense. The negative comments sound so uninformed. “Just
    watch the pros and emulate that?” Wow, is the sky blue in your world? When
    I showed this video to my kid, because I’m not dumb as a box of jock
    straps, I told him the obvious, which was that “this video teaches
    fundamentals, you’ll make adjustments over time to suit your own personal
    style and comfort”. Clearly players bring their own flare but if you aren’t
    seeing these fundamentals in the big leaguers, and I spent all weekend
    watching Miguel Cabrera and Mike Trout demonstrate these fundamentals in
    their swing, I’m sorry but perhaps you’re too arrogant, too much of a troll
    or just plain too dumb to see it. You can’t simply “emulate the pros”
    without having a fundamental understanding of WHY they’re doing each little
    thing they do up there. this video teaches that… quite well.?

  6. I learned a lot from this thanks ?

  7. Good video. But, so many whining comments from know it all haters. ‘high
    leg kicks are evil’, ‘never cock your shoulders’, ‘none of this matters
    until you turn on your back foot’, ‘why’s he teaching a stance?’, ‘realize
    if you take your hands to the ball the barrel can’t get there because
    physics tells us three things can’t be in the same place at once’.

    I seriously just saw a comment of a guy saying his issue with the video was
    ‘short to long through’ should be called ‘quick to long through’, and he
    wrote a paragraph on why. The video is instructional and good, but the
    comments are comedic gold.?

  8. Wow?

  9. excellent. Thanks.?

  10. You realize that when you take you’re hands to the ball your barrel can
    only get to the ball if you go around it or you pull your front half out
    you need to watch some pros swing in slow mo and look at some pictures and
    you will see most stuff he is telling you is wrong and is what ruins
    swings. An easy test is to do what he wants you to and have your hands
    extended at contact and have someone push against the bat and they will be
    able to easily push it back instead you should have you’re back arm bent
    and your front are almost extended and then have some push on the barrel
    and you will see it is easy to resist it which will show how much stronger
    the second position is bad not the one he is trying to tell people to do

  11. Question: Batter holds bat in 45 degree angle, as the pitcher starts to
    throw the ball batter flattens his bat over his shoulder then drops the bat
    off his shoulder flat to the ground and at that point swings late. How do
    you fix that problem on young children??

  12. I used to be a very good hitter and then since 8th grade I just have
    dropped off so much and I’m entering senior year this fall.idk why I have
    declined i should b better if anything,I was a middle height when I was
    younger in elementary school and the competition wasnt much tougher than
    now,I’m also about 6 feet and I weigh 185 lbs and I’m worse I don’t get
    it.i will post a vid and maybe u smart youtube guys can help me out?

  13. Very well done.?

  14. Good job, coach. My only concern, is that if you tell a player that the
    loading of the hands begins with a shoulder turn, they may, as I’ve seen
    first hand, rely totally on a shoulder turn, resulting in a void of
    separation between the rear shoulder and hands., which results in no bat

  15. When you stride, you want as little movement as possible. On my team, we
    have those players with the giant stride and the high knee action, and they
    are always late to the ball. I stride about 6 inches. I try to push my leg
    rather than lift it up because lifting your leg rather than striding
    forward will mess up your timing and you will be late to the ball. You
    always want to land on the ball of your foot and your foot should make a 45
    degree angle to the plate (pretty much straight to first base). It keeps
    you balanced this way, but also helps you with the follow through?

  16. It did helped me swing smoothly and efficiently as a zero experience
    novice. Now I have the basic concept of hitting movement. Thank you so
    much I learned a lot!?

  17. I see some people putting this guy down–stating things like, watch the
    pros or the pros don’t do that…OK, BUT, do you realize just how big of a
    FREAK of nature most of these guys in the Show are?—Freakish bat speed,
    freakish power, Super-Hero-like hand eye coordination. Some of these guys
    have the utmost worst mechanics going to the ball but their bat speed and
    hand-eye coordination is so dynamically better than the average person,
    they can still hit a 435ft p-rod on the worst swing of their career. Most
    of the best instructor will teach the basics. Don’t give a young player
    too much or it will rack their brains, frustrate them and cause them to
    give up the game. I know everyone means well and we all make mistakes as
    coaches (I know I have) but remember, the majority of this game is in your

  18. The instructor has a cold?

  19. I dont like when people put this on youtube because every player is
    different and has different strenghhs and weaknesses?

  20. another view of hihhing?

  21. This is really valuable info presented in an easy to watch format. Thank

  22. seriously this shouldnt be difficult, watch the pros swing in slow motion
    and do it no hard?

  23. Hmmm!?

  24. *sniff*?

  25. @ 15:48 the batter hit someone with the ball ?

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