Coaching Youth Baseball Catching Drills & Skills Pt 1

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Coaching Youth Baseball Catching Drills & Skills Pt 1

How to teach a young player how to catch through safe, repetitive drills that build player confidence. The video shows the development of a 5 yr old player c…
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  1. To develop “soft hands” start having catches with raw eggs.?

  2. Thanks for the video, I have been trying to figure out how to get my step
    son to catch the ball correctly and couldn’t figure it out on my own. I
    will be running these drills for the next few weeks.?

  3. Great video Paul! What are the best resources you know about for teaching
    youngsters the very basic baseball skills??

  4. We have a lot of first year kid-pitch players and first year kids that have
    never lifted a baseball or put on a glove. I’ve noticed that when they are
    catching, the ball is hitting their gloves but it’s popping out. Has anyone
    had this problem occur frequently? Last night, we played the top team in
    the league and we made great throws to first and the ball hit the glove and
    popped out of the top like a wet bar of soap. Any ideas on how to remedy
    this? I’m wondering if the boys aren’t getting excited and pushing the ball
    as it comes in. Thanks in advance for all ideas/opinions.?

  5. 2:56 your are throwing a tee ball but when you show the kid catching the
    ball its not the tee ball. Bad editing lol?

  6. My son and I are new to the sport.
    Thank you for sharing, you have enlighten us. ?

  7. That kid dosn’t now how to catch a baseball with his hands?

  8. Thanks!

  9. Thanks for posting this. I have a 6 year old starting his second year of
    T-ball and a 4 year old that wants to learn for next year. This was very

  10. Great points

  11. I stand about 15 to 20 feet away so that he has time to track the ball to
    his hand/glove

  12. Two hands please ….”thumb to thumb”

  13. Great job…

  14. Good stuff

  15. Why not teach him to use two hands… Following the ball into the glove
    with free hand…???

  16. Yes, I shot it at the Bear Creek Little League Complex.

  17. Great drill thanks

  18. awesome

  19. great info and ideas… you addressed the “dads and coaches”… don’t
    forget about the moms out there!

  20. I started doing this same before I found this video and this does work. I
    used plastic golf balls because they’re cheap even for a dozen or two and
    it teaches good hand eye coordination. I typed up some instructions that go
    into detail that I send out to friends I have with kids to use and they
    agree on it’s simplicity.

  21. is this in katy

  22. Excellent Video Thanks for putting it out here for everyone to learn.

  23. I have not. Admittedly, I think about making it on a regular basis. The
    plan was to go to two hand catching and moving the feet to the ball.
    Perhaps this off season I can take the time to make it.

  24. This drill got BOTH my daughter and son to be very good defenders.

  25. Great drill…thanks for taking the time to do this video. Very
    helpful…my son struggles catching because of the underhand catching…I
    will use the barehand drill to correct.

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