Bryce Harper Baseball Hitting Drills For Kids!

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Bryce Harper Baseball Hitting Drills For Kids!

Bryce Harper Baseball Hitting Drills For Kids!

Thanks for watching this Bryce Harper Baseball Hitting Drills For Kids! Go to to stay updated on the newest batting tips, hittin…
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  1. Can you do a Melky Cabrera hitting tip? He’s got a nice little hitting
    streak going!?

  2. Several MAJOR thing you did not key in on is his amazing amount of torque
    from the hips. (review how his hips twist back to the catcher then rotate
    160* after follow through) Watch how he turns his body so the pitcher can
    see the numbers on his back. He also has a long stride but his rear leg
    lifts off the ground and pulls forward during the hitting zone, resting in
    a more neutral position. 100% weight shift at batting contact. His head
    moves forward roughly the same as his longish stride. Most importantly he
    has created an unwinding torque load multiplied by bat lag to a fast wrist
    speed same as a long drive golf guy. Type in golf X factor to see what I am
    talking about. The two swings are closer than you think. ?

  3. Can you do Jose Reyes or Hanley Ramirez please?

  4. Thanks for the video. I like Bryce Harper but I think you should feature
    Matt Adams,Yadier Molina or Carlos Beltran. Thanks again but if you can’t
    do all of them it’s ok thanks for the super cool video I enjoyed it a lot.?

  5. Great advice. Harper is a monster!

  6. Thanks! I wanna become more of a power hitter and this helped a lot!

  7. What are some good baseball training tips?

  8. Can you do a bryce harper swing analysis hitting drill

  9. No problem!

  10. I’m a better hitter than defender. I’ll use these tips. Thanks.

  11. I’ve tried to adapt my swing like harpers but it kinda messed me up…haha

  12. I agree with the guy below, Pablo Sandoval would be great! Nice video by
    the way

  13. Miguel cabrara

  14. Mark do you have a video for hitting the curve ball

  15. Good one Rudy!

  16. Harper!

  17. Albert Pujols by far is my favorite hitter.

  18. How do you hit better to the opposite field.

  19. great tips ! i’d like to see a video on jose reyes

  20. It’s definitely sweet…

  21. Yea he is!

  22. Hey man. I would check out the “How to switch-hit like kungfu panda”.

  23. That’s a good one! Yea maybe that’s what I’ll do next!

  24. Great questions. Go to the art of baseball website and search hitting

  25. Pablo Sandoval would be great

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