Baseball Practice – Hitting Tips and Drills for Baseball Coaches & Players

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Baseball Practice – Hitting Tips and Drills for Baseball Coaches & Players

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  1. I like the whole concept of the “Pop” drill to the “Matt” drill. I like the
    breaking down into short segments. I also like the five baseball backside
    soft toss drill. This will help hitters visually see the proper “Point of
    Contact”, understand why it is important to stay inside the ball and to
    drive your hands linear to the pitch. My only critique would be the hitter
    is over his front side on the video versus behind/against the front
    foot/side. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Thanks

  3. the chair drill is very argumentative

  4. I like the drills a lot, but I think that your player in this video has
    poor mechanic’s. And with the way that he lunges at the ball even with a
    firm front side he will more than likely fit a lot of pop fly’s, little
    bluppers, texas leaguer’s, or little dribbler’s in the infield with not
    much power. Am I right or wrong? email me if you like DONKAIN3@AOL.COM.
    Thank you. Coach Kain.

  5. One more suggestion: Make him stay on top of the fast ball strike. No fast
    ball strikes over the bat. Hope this helps, Keith. Coach Brock

  6. the hitter in video comes up when he strides into the pitch (very apparent
    in slow mo) instead of staying down and waiting for the ball to come into
    the strike zone. a lot of times that will cause the head to pop up and
    hitter will pull off the ball. all momentum should be into and through the
    ball going forward, not up then down. the head should always be stationary,
    allows for a flight of the ball to be seen better, better visual tracking.
    some good ideas here.

  7. why doesnt the coach tell him to swing at something that is in the strike
    zone, not at his shoulders.

  8. 2. Split hand Drill Split the hands about 3 inches apart on the bat. As he
    goes to the ball, the bottom hand pulls the bat, and the top hand pushes.
    The bottom hand is the hot hand, and should pull the knob of the bat
    immediately, and not allow for the hands to drop. By splitting the hands.
    The hitter can identify what the hands are supposed to do. This is only a
    drill and should not be used in the game.

  9. Learn how to square the ball up with the ImpactBat

  10. garbage…no elite hitter in the world swings like this. get a clue

  11. Haha 69 likes right now

  12. See the ball ….hit the ball……..and know the strike zone. These tips
    look fun…………but will not replace practice seeing live pitches.

  13. You sound like your from Brooklyn or some sort of Yankee city lol

  14. This hitter has poor separation. He needs to get his hands back. All this
    is “great” but useless if hitter is flying open to get his hands going

  15. We clearly outline this in our Video Analysis Video in the Super 8 Hitting
    System package. The basic problem that he needs to solve is to eliminate
    arcing on the back side. Drill suggestion: 1. Square to Go to. He pivots
    and squares up to the direction that the ball is coming from before he
    initiates his stroke.

  16. Dear Coach, Next year is my freshman year, im really worried about my
    hitting. It seems i am always late on the ball. Is there any advice you can
    give me to help me get around on the ball quicker. Collin-Missouri

  17. hi prorespons do you thing you can help me im hitting really bad this year
    because i sometimes lounge at the ball or don’t keep my weight back do you
    got any tips and when ever i get 2strikes all kinds of stuff pops in my
    head like what am i going to do am i going to hit it am i gonna get walked
    and then the pitch is thrown and its a strike and im thinking by the time i
    think to swing strike three please help or give me some tips thank you

  18. @TheRCR3 So do you think you’re on track to make the major leagues? Oh
    wait, mechanics have never built a major league hitter, sorry for the

  19. Collin – thank you for your question. We have a 15 min video on our site
    that will help you with your bat speed. YouTube doesn’t allow posting web
    site links here so send me an email and I’ll send you the link

  20. My eyes are bleeding this drill is so bad.

  21. Thnx for the advice just went to tryouts and did amazing at hitting

  22. Terrific vid. Youtube is made for this kind of content. My relative was
    previously bullied. He explained he was going to get bigger muscle and
    strength. I laughed… Right up until he added 40lbs of genuine lean muscle
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  23. Keith, I am happy that you are finding my videos a help for you. To answer
    your question, While it is difficult to accurately diagnose your sons
    problem with an email, let me make some simple suggestions:

  24. Usually when a hitter is late and popping up or flying out, his stroke is
    too long. This is caused by dropping his hands behind him as he approaches
    the ball. Your son probably has what we call a loop in his stroke. Our
    research shows that a loop stroke will travel as far as 96 before
    contacting the baseball, as opposed to the short stroke which will only
    travel 36. By dropping his hands as he goes to the ball, his bat head is
    getting under every fast ball.

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