Baseball Pitching Drills – The Net Pitching Drill

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Baseball Pitching Drills – The Net Pitching Drill

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Baseball Pitching Drills - The Net Pitching Drill Pitching 365 Free Newsletter Check out this Pitching Drill that …
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  1. Thanks John! Today I had a practice and it felt like my velocity has
    increased from this, and I was definitely throwing more accurate. But one
    question, would I still do this in the windup??

  2. Awesome!!

  3. Awesome! Thank you so much!

  4. Ya no problem

  5. Awesome drill but what does the newsletter include.

  6. I shared the video

  7. Thanks this helped a lot

  8. Roman…would you mind posting this vid to facebook and/or twitter? I’m
    just trying to get the word out and thought that your baseball friends
    might like. I would greatly appreciate it! Thanks!

  9. ive always wanted to warm up before watching a game, and then hop over the
    wall from the OF and throw a ball to the 2nd basemen and possibly get put
    on the TOP 10 ESPN plays for throwing 87mph from the OF to 2nd on a line…
    am i crazy for wanting to do that? lol

  10. Hey man, I saw a comment that you were going to re-make the relacing videos
    in better quality, close ups, etc etc. I’m relacing my glove in a few days,
    so I really need help. (I’m a newbie and I watched your other videos on how
    to relace)

  11. Yes, you’re crazy. LOL. First of all, the cameras won’t show you. They cut
    it out if someone jumps on the field. And secondly, you will probably get
    tackled by some big fat security guard. The best thing to do is to work
    really hard and try to get paid to be out there in the outfield and get a
    few chances to make plays every night.

  12. Yep, I actually recorded two of them already. Just have to finish the
    glove, edit, and then post. I will probably have them up in a week or two.
    Stay tuned…

  13. Hey glad to see delebar in the ASG they showed his arm on the tv and my dad
    was like is that real??

  14. Just a way for me to keep in contact with you and send you emails of cool
    stuff when I come across it.

  15. Yeh, he actually had that tattoo before he had the metal plate put in his
    arm (he had elbow issues before). But I think he got that tattoo in mid

  16. Hey Noah, what are the chances you can post this vid to your facebook
    and/or twitter? I would greatly appreciate it as it will help get the word
    out about my channel and I think your baseball friends would enjoy it!
    Thanks so much!

  17. YW 🙂

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