Baseball Pitching Drills – The Bucket or Chair Pitching Drill

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Baseball Pitching Drills – The Bucket or Chair Pitching Drill

Baseball Pitching Drills – Here is a pitching drill that you can do with a bucket or chair. Set up two buck…

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  1. MAKE A NEW VIDEO ALREADY!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. @YouGoPro Awesome, I will.

  3. @FutureAstrosAce I may just have to do that…stay tuned

  4. You should make a video for the towel drill. It’s a controversial drill and
    I know some coaches dislike it, but I personally like the drill.

  5. @wogdoggy thanks

  6. Make some more catcher videos

  7. @comet9er coming soon my man…coming soon

  8. hi john what do you think of the excersise were your back leg starts off on
    the chair? its similiar to this one but i think it serves a diffrent purpose

  9. first lol

  10. would the distance be 60 ft or less?

  11. @Timex105 yeh that’s a good one too

  12. hey can you do a video on how to get stronger forearms

  13. @MisterCaliblista you win

  14. @AmigosDisgrace I have one of those vids. Just check my channel. Also check
    out the ultimate forearm training on my website under my programs

  15. @comet9er coming

  16. good drill

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