Baseball Pitching Drills – Hips Drill or Wall Drill

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Baseball Pitching Drills – Hips Drill or Wall Drill

Baseball Pitching Drills - Hips Drill or Wall Drill Baseball Pitching Drills – here is a pitching drill that I call the hip drill or the wall drill. It is a gr…
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  1. When you were in your balanced position and you said “break your hip” that
    was an excellent demonstration and easy to follow. Nice job?

  2. @wogdoggy yes, good hair cuts will always result in more tail…on your 2

  3. @wogdoggy yeh, post a video and i’ll check it out for you. But I think this
    drill is promoting what you are talking about and not a step and throw
    pitcher. Look at my position in the video at 0:27 seconds and tell me if
    that’s what you’re talking about.

  4. @wogdoggy ohhhhh…i see what you’re saying now! I just sent you a message
    here on youtube before I read this….anyway, yes there will be a slight
    swing open of the leg, but you don’t want to swing it too much because you
    will lose power from the hips. But yes, a slight swing or open is necessary
    (or at least comfortable to me). Now I understand what you meant by “step
    and throw”. I think we are on the same page now. Thanks!

  5. dont you want to counter rotate your lower body a wee bit more?..kinda show
    your front pocket to the pitcher?..for better rotation more time for a hand
    break and better whip?

  6. lol..nice haircut…maybe you can explain the relationship between having
    good hair and getting good tail….

  7. @wogdoggy i don’t understand your comment….”show your front pocket to the

  8. hey would it be bad to get my cousin to play baseball if hes scared of
    getting hit

  9. @mcbloomin Thanks. I hope the spring goes good for you!

  10. @YouGoPro yes 27 seconds but at that point dont we want to swing our leg
    not just lead straight with our hip????

  11. @rudman123 good point!

  12. worked good thanx and keep up the good vids 🙂

  13. Great! I alway’s just mimicked the pitcher’s on tv. Now I understand why
    they pitch the way they do. Can’t wait until the spring! 🙂 and nice
    haircut! 🙂

  14. sorry i meant hitter..i want my son to get more lower rotation. i dont want
    to lead with a linear loaded hip i want to move forward while turning the
    bottom..if i load correctly it feels like my right foot is turning in my
    shoe towards second. i dont want step and throw pitchers.i ll get a video
    up and you can maybe give your thoughts

  15. if you try to get him not scared first

  16. @wogdoggy this drill will still work because the swing doesn’t happen until
    later in the movement. The first thing to touch the wall should be the butt

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