Baseball Hitting Secrets – Top Hand/Bottom Hand Drills

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Baseball Hitting Secrets – Top Hand/Bottom Hand Drills

Get Educated and Inspired at Join Coach Matty Maher as he gives you a crucial baseball hitting secret; Top Hand (Power) and Botto…
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  1. where can i find a tee like the one in the video??

  2. Hey Bud, what a great but TOUGH question to answer. The key to progressing
    in your baseball career is smart work and consistency. Being a “smart”
    worker goes beyond all hard work, it means constantly improving every day.
    Rather than 1,000 okay swings in a cage, take 50 QUALITY swings that help
    you. If you can be consistent in every level you climb, you will succeed.
    We ALL have slumps, but it comes down to this… Baseball is 90% mental!
    Stay focused, stay passionate, and have fun. -Coach Matty

  3. Ted Williams said that

  4. Mat how do I quit swinging early against a slow pitcher.?

  5. Go on my page and watch my video , I Hit 20 baseballs in 20 seconds !!! 😉

  6. and get used to failing, baseball is the only sport where you can fail 70
    percent of the time and be considered great

  7. Hi Matt, thanks for the video. Is the “normal” swing with both hands a
    combination of the the top and bottom hand swing? In particular, do I have
    to try to “punch” the ball when I hit with both hands?

  8. thanks. i can use this in aikido too.. cheers!

  9. Hey Alex, Cardsfan62 made a GREAT point about keeping your weight back and
    seeing the ball the whole way, I’ll take it one step further. While keeping
    your weight back is the key, still having a little “movement” in your
    stance is important. Imaging throwing a punch. What if you pulled your hand
    back, held it there for 2 seconds, and then came forward. Would it be
    powerful? Or would going back and then firing forward in one fluent motion
    be better? The latter would! Keep a RHYTHM! -Coach Matty

  10. Always keep your weight back on your back foot, and watch the ball from his
    hand. Basically make sure you’re seeing the ball the whole way, from his
    hand to your bat.

  11. Hi Matt, I am 12 yrs in age and i play base ball than you for the tips i
    know to Explode so thannk you for all the tips:)

  12. Thanks for the advice. I’ll try this for my next game and see if it

  13. Hey Mat, I was wondering how can I stop dropping my hands before I take my
    swing? are there any drills that I can do in order to stop this? My coach
    says that I “hitch” before every swing and that slows down my rythm and
    also my swimg power. Thanks!

  14. explain to me how we are not supposed to “fly open” with our shoulders? at
    contact you chest is clearly facing the pitcher. looks like you turned to

  15. what you do and what you preach are two different are doing it
    the right way but preaching the wrong way..knob to the ball? dont do
    that in the full turn the barrel into the dont push
    pull muscle the barrel..

  16. start your swing later

  17. Yo Matt, I’m 12 years old and I was wondering if you had any bat speed
    drills for us 12 year olds.

  18. step up in the box as well

  19. Hey Matty, I’m 15 years old and I love baseball, I work hard and practice
    everyday. I live in Illinois, and I really want to go pro in baseball. I
    know from Pro-swing’s website that you played on a frontier league, and I
    know you were a div.1 player. Can you give me any tips on how I can go pro?
    For example paths to take, maybe mistakes that you made that you can save
    me from? Anything helps matty! Thanks for the vids also, I use your drills
    in my daily practice!

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