Baseball Hitting Secrets – The One-Legged Drill

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Baseball Hitting Secrets – The One-Legged Drill

Join Coach Matty Maher as he gives you a fantastic baseball hitting drill that can help improve not only your overall balance, but your swing. The one-legged…
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  1. Where did you get that tee?

  2. i love ur vids thumbs up everytime

  3. Hey Matty, could you list some ways to improve bat speed? I’ve heard
    multiple different drills, and techniques but what do you think is the best

  4. Evan, increasing bat speed can be achieved in many ways: weight lifting
    programs, explosive exercises, and refining your bat path. For starters,
    try buying a “heavy bat,” one that is the same length as your regular bat
    but 6 to 10 ounces heavier. Use this for front toss and off the tee. Your
    body and muscles will compensate for the weight, then when you put this bat
    down and grab your regular bat it feels much lighter! Try that and let me
    know what you think! -Coach Matty

  5. Funny thing is when you do this drill you have a really good
    transfer….but when you go back to your normal swing….you never transfer
    your weight through..

  6. Thats how my favorite player, Buster Posey, hits

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