Baseball Hitting Drills: “One Handed Drill” (Soft Toss)

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Baseball Hitting Drills: “One Handed Drill” (Soft Toss)

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  1. good teaching videos congrats!!

  2. this kid is an incredible hitter. just watch what he does and learn from
    his swing. thats what ive done and my hitting has improved alot. thanks man
    your videos rock!

  3. Great drill for fastpitch softball players too. This really helps get the
    bat into the hitting zone quickly and keeps the barrel from lagging behing
    the hips.

  4. your vids are really improving my swing, thanks so much

  5. Your vids awsome you really helped me!

  6. Watched your posted videos and am planning on buying your video. Great
    Stuff! However, one issue. Watch the video of your batter. He does not “get
    really good extension through the hitting zone” — and he shouldn’t.
    Extension comes well AFTER contact with the ball. In each of your videos
    this kid (who has developed a GREAT swing) has his right elbow at nearly a
    90 degree angle, and his left elbow elevated and bent — as it should be.
    Could just be semantics, but overall GREAT!

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