Baseball Hitting Drills – Day 1

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Baseball Hitting Drills – Day 1

Visit . Todays course from our Baseball Hitting Drills series covers the basic batting stance, including how to practice …
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  1. This is not the way MLB players hit these days. If you watch the youtube
    video of the HR derby in 2011 u will see the way to hit! They show slow
    motion bat path to the ball.

  2. this works

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  4. hahaha look at where albert pujols has his hands and tell me that you don’t
    have power with your hand back. idiots.

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  6. lol kevin youkilis shuld see this

  7. Listen to the first 40 seconds with your eyes closed

  8. 240hp we meet again.

  9. This guy doesn’t know what he is talking about

  10. I’d like to add that at the 0:40 part they were talking bout where the
    hands should be.. I doesn’t really matter where the hands are AS LONG AS
    YOU MAKE SURE that you get your hands in the “SLOT” position it’s about
    comfort and for the batter. for example Kevin Youkillis likes to separate
    his right hand from the left hand and start elevated… But what you will
    notice is by the time he has even finished his stride his hands are in the
    SLOT power position! So just focus in getting in the slot.

  11. knuckle to knucle this video sucks

  12. very good!

  13. great

  14. For best results you should start your hands where they should launch. Many
    youth players imitate pro players with different hand positions causing
    their hands to drop or roll over. What pro players do is they have their
    hands wherever but then the bring them into their hand slot. Youth players
    don’t bring their hands into their slot like the pros, or the don’t have
    the strength and bat speed to use it effectively.

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