Baseball Hitting Drills

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Baseball Hitting Drills

Carter Harris 8 Year Old Switch Hitter Elk Grove, Ca.
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  1. Great swing.?

  2. I figured it out. The Insider Bat. Getting one this week. I still need to
    find the ball retriever /dropper?

  3. What’s the crooked bat training tool? Great vid??

  4. Nice job kid! The man teaching this boy has a solid grasp on how to teach
    great hitting mechanics. This is more useful than the majority of the
    hitting videos online. Including a lot of the videos posted by
    professionals. Stay tuned because I’m working on a series of videos that
    pop your eyeballs out of their sockets. Keep up the great work coach!

  5. Do you mind sharing the name of the hitting instructor?

  6. Tee is made by Schutt. Oscar Miller Swing-Rite

  7. I have the same question about the tee. Thanks for posting this!!

  8. This kid has all the signs of being a great hitter. Is that a garage made
    training tee or store bought. Where can you buy one of those?

  9. Great job coach the kid looks awsome. Beautiful swing flawless. I posted
    one of my five year old check it out is hitting drills for a five or six
    year old

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