Baseball Eye Sight: How to Increase baseball eye sight for hitting

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Baseball Eye Sight: How to Increase baseball eye sight for hitting

Baseball eye sight for baseball players looking to become better hitters! Click and get more AWESOME hitting drills and receive …
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  1. hy one of the best eye sight drill is the drill that albert pujols always
    does. He swings with corn peaces ?

  2. I watched this video to help with my eyesight and all I got was a guy
    telling me to go online to get help for my eyesight… So helpful. Thanks. ?

  3. what song is that at 0:43-1:05??

  4. The only thing that will increase your eyesight in baseball, while batting
    is batting. If you wan’t to read the pitches and be able to call balls, and
    strikes within an inch or two of the strike zone, you need experience.?

  5. Cuba brings out some of the greatest baseball players to touch the field a
    lot of there exercises are simmiler to small wiffle ball drills ?

  6. How Bad Do You Want It (High School Baseball)?

  7. yes I love basebeall

  8. ya well chipper jones cant see for shit but he is soon to be a future hall
    of famer

  9. I have 20/400…. will this still work?

  10. @1:48 of course a japanese baseball player would say something complicated
    like that

  11. 0:29 I for one love basbeall

  12. That’s the spirit….

  13. I’m ready to play some hardcore basbeall!!!!

  14. All my brain could think about while watching this video is Mark Zuckerburg
    hacking -_-

  15. great thing dude!

  16. hitting is a reflex skill. eye site is just one component in the reflex

  17. Definitely…..

  18. haha basebeall at 00:30

  19. good eye

  20. The guy was diagnosed with lazy eye and we can do the same drills that
    caused him lazy eye lol

  21. internet eye exercises? what a joke. the best way is to face pitchers 8
    hours a day. varying speeds/trajectories. u get pretty good just by more

  22. u misspelled baseball at 00:30, haha great video tho

  23. does this actually work?

  24. Sight***

  25. Love the ,”Social Network”, music!! XD

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