Baseball Drills | Shoulder Strength | Rotator Cuff

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Baseball Drills | Shoulder Strength | Rotator Cuff The shoulder is the most important part of playing the game of baseball. Pain in…
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  1. My coaches told me to never do exercises with my thumbs down, is this true?

  2. I am not a doctor, but do not confuse exercises for strengthening a healthy
    rotator cuff with exercises for an injured one. If you have an injured
    one do the exercises prescribed by your doctor and the PT. ?

  3. I don’t know who the 1 person was who didn’t like this video but they need
    some help. this video is great.?

  4. Do you have any excercises that are similar but a more designed for a
    football player? I play American football and i’ve had shoulder injuries
    from bull rushing lineman.?

  5. might seem like small weight but this will get you throwing some serious
    fuzzzz fellas. this and bands are your best friends…?

  6. Do you suggest 3 sets of each exercise or just one set of each like you are
    doing on this video??

  7. With baseball season officially over, itโ€™s important to get your shoulder
    strength back to prevent damage in the off-season.?

  8. I don’t mean to be “that guy” who always has an opinion online, I am sport
    rehabilitation student and came across this doing some research/own reading
    and thought I would offer my thoughts

  9. How many times do you do these each?

  10. If you click the link below the video there is a great workout breakdown
    there with the video. Overall though you are looking for 3-5 sets of about
    ten reps and each angle. Complete 3 second descents to improve blood flow
    to the shoulder.

  11. Im 23 year old guy, that have never played baseball. I live in sweden and I
    just thought baseball would be a nice sport to try. Though after one
    practice i was kinda torn. Been playing all kinds of throwing sports but
    this is the first i feel this in my shoulder. Im gonna try to do this
    everyday for some week. Should i take it easy with throwing on the next few
    practices? So i can work the strength in my shoulder? And how fast and easy
    is it for the shoulder to be completely unusable?

  12. great thanks Trevor

  13. 3-4 sets of 10-15. be sure to maintain the 3 second count on the way down.
    thanks for watching

  14. Your welcome. Let me know if you have any other questions.

  15. Move through the entire sequence 3-4 times a week

  16. @kbandstraining I was looking for some chest excersises, but i will do
    these excrsises also, Thank you !

  17. Does this help with throwing harder?

  18. Click the link below the video. There are the workout breakdowns on that

  19. I have several stretching videos for baseball players linked on my training
    website. Go to KbandsTraining . com and look under the training tab. There
    you will see baseball. Click that and then navigate to the drills and
    videos section. There you will see several stretching and flexibility
    drills for your shoulder. I would give you a link but youtube does not
    allow links in the comment section.

  20. hey how many sets of each exercise if i want to do them on daily
    routine……… n btw good info tho ๐Ÿ˜€

  21. If the pain continuos I would suggest seeing a doctor for sure. Most times
    you will feel soreness when your shoulder is very tight. Go to
    KbandsTraining . com and look under the training tab. You will find my
    baseball training section. Look through those drills and find the
    stretching shoulder videos. This will help loosen your arm up.

  22. some good exercises but I have a thought regarding the thumbs down raise,
    with the structure of the humerus, it would compress the supraspinatus
    tendon against the acromion which could lead to problems further down the
    line (in my opinion)

  23. @Kolraap Remember as a pitcher your focus should be developing your
    shoulder and back muscles to keep your arm safe. Over developing your chest
    will only lead to problems in the shoulder. In the next two weeks I will be
    posting all sorts of videos of workouts. So keep watching and you will find
    what you are looking for. KbandsTraining . com

  24. How many days a week do you suggest doing these? Year round?

  25. Throwing a baseball is much different then throwing in most other sports. I
    would advise that you try easy in to it. Throw every other day
    progressively throwing more and more. You have to build you shoulder.
    Complete this exercise and stretch your internal rotators to help relieve
    tightness. Go to KbandsTraining . com and look under the training tab.
    There you will find baseball. There are all kinds of drills you can use

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