A Beginners Guide To Pitching Mechanics

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A Beginners Guide To Pitching Mechanics

pitching mechanics

[pwal id=”74490721″ description=”To see the full content of this article, please like and share by clicking one of the buttons below”]The proper pitching mechanics teaches you to throw the ball correctly. Throwing the ball correctly solves two problems: it teaches you how to throw the ball without exerting much effort, which at the same time minimizes your chance of injuries due to incorrect mechanics.[/pwal]


pitching mechanics

It’s important to understand that pitchers must focus on refining their mechanics above strength training. Strength training is vitally important to pitchers for developing strength, explosion, and preventing injury. However, the majority of a pitchers training must be dedicated towards developing better pitching mechanics. Most college and professional pitchers will practice their pitching motion before beginning their strength training regime.

To be a better pitcher, you also need the advice of a good coach. And by good, I mean somebody who really knows his stuff. He must be able to show you the proper pitching mechanics while understanding that every pitcher has his or her own pitching techniques and adjust his advice to you accordingly.

Short video talking about the basic pitching mechanics. Go to mikescottbabseball.com for more instructional videos.

Baseball pitching mechanics are one of the most complex movements in all of sports. For decades, baseball instructors and sports scientists worldwide have spent countless hours analyzing and dissecting this uncharacteristic movement. With constant research and analysis, pitching professionals have developed a set of principles that they believe are necessary for obtaining proper pitching mechanics.

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There are thousands of things that a pitcher can do to refine his pitching mechanics in order to develop greater velocity and accuracy. While there are hundreds of pitching drills, there is nothing that replaces actually throwing off a mound. During the off season, pitchers need to be throwing at least two bullpens per week off of an actual pitching mound. This will allow a pitcher to practice his mechanics in a game like scenario. Long toss, flat ground bullpens, and other various pitching methods will never truly prepare a pitcher for throwing off an actual mound. Last word of advice, pitchers should always practice in a way that resembles real life game situations. I hope this changed your thoughts about where you should focus your efforts!

Good luck!

Coach Duncan

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